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Washington, February 24, 2016 | comments

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today the U.S. House of Representatives passed Congressman Sam Johnson’s (TX-03) bill, The Korean War Veterans Memorial Wall of Remembrance Act (H.R. 1475).  This bill would permit a Wall of Remembrance to be added to the Korean War Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C.  The Wall would list the names of all members of the U.S. Armed Forces who gave their lives in support of Freedom during the Korean War.  It would also list the total number of all American POWs and MIAs from the Korean War. 

Additionally, H.R. 1475 – which has the co-sponsored support of over 300 Members of Congress – is privately funded and the money has already been raised.  No taxpayer dollars would be spent on this addition.  This bill marks the first of Congressman Johnson’s bills to pass the House in 2016, and the tenth to do so in the 114th Congress. 

During Floor Debate for H.R. 1475, Johnson (a 29-year Air Force veteran of both the Korean and Vietnam Wars), delivered the following prepared remarks:


“I’d like to start off by thanking my fellow Korean War veterans – Congressman Charles Rangel and Congressman John Conyers – for their support.  I also want to thank Chairman Rob Bishop, the Natural Resources Committee, and the House Leadership for bringing this bill to the Floor.  Additionally, I want to thank my fellow Korean War veterans who have tirelessly advocated for this bill.  It’s been a long time coming.


“Mr. Speaker, sadly the Korean War is often referred to as the ‘Forgotten War.’  And yet the magnitude of the sacrifice made by Americans during this conflict was enormous.  More than 36,000 Americans gave their lives. 


“My fellow Korean War Veterans and I believe that the magnitude of this enormous sacrifice is not yet fully conveyed by the memorial in Washington, D.C.  That is where my bill – H.R. 1475, the Korean War Veterans Memorial Wall of Remembrance Act – comes into play.


“This bill, which already has the support of over 300 of my colleagues, would allow for the creation of a Wall of Remembrance at the site of the Korean War Veterans Memorial on the National Mall.


“Similar to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall, the Korean War Veterans Memorial Wall of Remembrance would eternally honor the brave Americans who gave their lives in defense of freedom during the Korean War.  It would list their names as a visual record of their sacrifice.  Furthermore, the wall would also list the total numbers of all of America’s wounded, Missing in Action, and Prisoners of War.


“As a veteran and POW, I can tell you that these memorials are a special place for service members and their families to pay their respects to fallen comrades and loved ones.  And as a Constitutional conservative who values our Great Nation’s history, I believe these memorials also serve as a unique and physical reminder that freedom is not free.  Future generations need to know and appreciate the sacrifices made by the service members who fought and died to protect freedom.   These memorials can physically convey what oftentimes our words fail to do.”


“Lastly, Mr. Speaker, as a fiscal conservative I am proud to say that this project won’t cost taxpayers a dime.   In fact, the cost has been 100% privately fundraised, and my bill prohibits any federal funding of this project.


“Mr. Speaker, as we remember the service and sacrifice of those who gave their lives in the Korean War, we can only humbly acknowledge that we are the land of the free because of our brave men and women.  These heroes are shining examples of everything great that America stands for.  I can’t think of a better way to individually honor each man and woman who gave their life in Korea than through this Wall of Remembrance.   I urge all of my colleagues to support this important piece of legislation.   I yield back the balance of my time.”

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