Sam Johnson Opposes Obama’s Executive Action on Gun Control

Provides Legislative Solution to Protect 2nd Amendment Rights

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Washington, January 5, 2016 | comments

WASHINGTON, D.C. – In response to President Obama’s announcement that he is again using executive action – this time to advance his gun control agenda that he couldn’t get through Congress – U.S Congressman Sam Johnson (TX-03) expressed his strong opposition to the President’s gun control effort.  Additionally, Johnson also reiterated his priority to move forward with his legislation, the Social Security Beneficiary 2nd Amendment Rights Protection Act (H.R. 3516), which he introduced September 16, 2015. 

“As a Constitutional conservative, I am a proud defender of the 2nd Amendment,” said Johnson.  “President Obama, on the other hand, has made gun control a central goal of his presidency.  He has repeatedly tried to impose his gun control agenda on law-abiding citizens.  He has also repeatedly failed because a majority of Americans value their 2nd Amendment rights.  So while the President’s executive action today should come as no surprise, what he is doing is WRONG. 

“But Americans don’t have to take this lying down,” Johnson continued.  “In fact, last fall I caught wind of the fact that Obama wanted to target certain Social Security beneficiaries’ 2nd Amendment rights, so as Chairman of Social Security I introduced a bill to stop him because Social Security has no business stripping people of their Constitutional rights.  My bill stops any decisions made by Obama's Social Security Administration from being used to take away a person’s 2nd Amendment rights.  We need to protect rights of all Americans, including individuals with disabilities.  It’s time to make this bill law and stop the President’s outrageous overreach.”

To watch Congressman Sam Johnson blast the President’s Social Security gun grab on the House Floor, CLICK HERE

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