“Stop Sign” on North Texas Highway Toll Double Tax

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Washington, April 29, 2015 | comments

Every day our Collin County community is growing and thriving with new people and new businesses.  In fact, we’re one of the fastest-growing regions in the country!  But anyone driving in our community knows we have an unwelcome neighbor: the growing use of tolls in our area.  It seems like nowadays we’re surrounded in every direction by toll roads.  And while the Dallas North Tollway, Sam Rayburn Tollway, and President George Bush Turnpike are all necessary roads to commute to and from work or get around our community, the North Texas area set to have the largest toll network in the country.  It’s clear that tolling has gone overboard.  

The bottom line is that these tolls are a double tax.  Collin County drivers already pay both state and federal gas taxes for roads.  What’s more, Texas is the ONLY “donor state” in the country – meaning Texas’ taxpayers give more to the federal government than they get in return. 

Texas is getting the raw end of the deal, but there are some ways I can fight tolling in Washington and you can bet your bottom dollar that’s exactly what I’m doing. 

Currently, tolls are allowed for new highways and/or new lanes on existing highways under Section 129 of the General Tolling Program.  Similarly, tolling is allowed on HOV-converted HOT lanes under Section 166 of the HOV/HOT Lanes Program.  To effectively put an end to all federal tolling authority, on April 21st I introduced the No More Tolls for Roads Act, which repeals Section 129 and 166.  My bill also puts up a “stop sign” warning to President Obama that I will fight his pro-tolling agenda.  Enough is enough.

Rest assured that I look forward to working with our transportation leaders on this issue.  Collin County folks – and all North Texas commuters – deserve responsible solutions that respect their pocketbooks and also effectively meet the transportation needs of Collin County.  

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