American Taxpayers Shouldn’t Be Paying Illegals $24,000 Amnesty “Bonuses”

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Washington, March 10, 2015 | comments

Illegal immigration is one of the biggest issues facing America – and Texas – today.  Last summer, an unprecedented number of children and families entered our country illegally.  This crisis was a direct result of President Obama’s 2012 decision to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants. 

As a border state, Texas is paying a heavy price in both precious taxpayer dollars and resources to secure the border. What’s worse, communities across the state are bearing the financial burdens associated with last summer's surge. 

This is WRONG!  

Let me be clear: the President’s executive amnesty is illegal and unconstitutional.  Plain and simple. 

That is why – on behalf of the good folks of Collin County, Texas, and the majority of Americans – I have been working to fight the President’s amnesty and secure our border.

Just the other day, on March 2nd, I spoke with Texas’ Department of Public Safety (DPS) Deputy Director to get an update on the border.  You know what he told me?  That Obama’s executive amnesty will likely have an effect on illegal border crossings.  I wasn’t surprised to hear this news, and I bet you aren’t either.  In fact, according to DPS, since January 1, 2015 we’ve already had over 25,000 illegals cross the border.  And this is during the colder winter months!

On March 3rd, in a continuation of my efforts, I voted against a Homeland Security funding bill that funds the President's amnesty.

And because I recently found out that the IRS can indeed take your hard-earned taxpayer dollars and hand it out as amnesty tax “refunds” to illegal immigrants – up to $24,000 – I decided to do something about that, too!  On March 4th, I introduced the No Amnesty Tax “Refunds” for Illegals Act.    We are a Nation of laws, and it is offensive to hardworking, law-abiding American taxpayers that the IRS would be doling out “bonuses” to illegals – “bonuses” that you would be paying for.  

But make no mistake, this isn’t just about fighting executive amnesty and securing our border – at the heart of this issue is the fact that we MUST uphold the Constitution.   As a staunch constitutional conservative, I will do everything I can to ensure that the rule of law is upheld.  It’s past time the President begins to listen to the majority of Americans he serves. Regardless, you can rest assured I will be working to protect YOU – the American taxpayer.

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