Sam Johnson Reintroduces CUFF Act: Preventing Fugitives from Receiving Government Benefits

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Washington, May 21, 2015 | comments
Washington, DC – Today, U.S. Congressman Sam Johnson (TX-03), Chairman of the Ways and Means Social Security Subcommittee, joined fellow Committee member Congresswoman Kristi Noem (R-SD) in reintroducing the Control Unlawful Fugitive Felons (CUFF) Act. This bill would prevent felons who are fleeing the law or who are violating a condition of their probation or parole from getting Social Security benefits.

“Individuals running from the law or violating their parole or probation shouldn’t be supported with taxpayer dollars,” said Johnson. “That’s why I’m pleased to join Congresswoman Noem in reintroducing this commonsense Law and Order bill. Not only would it help law enforcement, but it is the right thing to do on behalf of hardworking American taxpayers!”

Local law enforcement widely supports Johnson’s CUFF Act:

“In the effort to combat crime and help get dangerous felons off the streets of our communities, it is imperative that we use all of the resources available. Many times, individuals who are the subject of a felony warrant have little fear that they will be arrested. The Control Unlawful Fugitive Felon (CUFF) Act, authored by Congressman Johnson, provides an unconventional tool that will make it more difficult for felons to avoid capture and continue in their activities by removing any source of federal financial support. This Act removes the incentive for these individuals to avoid responsibility and will assist law enforcement in apprehending dangerous felons.” Police Chief Greg Rushin, City of Plano

“Once again, Congressman Johnson is on the forefront of ensuring safer communities by introducing this legislation that will assist law enforcement efforts in apprehending fugitive felons. This bill will remove a source of funding that enables fugitive felons to remain at large and evade capture. Congressman Johnson's common sense approach eliminates the possibility that Social Security funds will be perverted and expended for the counter-productive use of financing felons' ability to become or remain fugitives. The law enforcement community applauds and supports Congressman Johnson for introducing this legislation." Police Chief Doug Kowalski, Town of Prosper

“I support this legislation. After all, most law and order advocates hate for any fugitive/criminal to benefit from public funds. I believe Social Security benefits are meant for law-abiding individuals who are in good standing. We do not believe that these benefits are for those who flee from charges and perhaps use those monetary benefits to remain on the run.” Police Chief Kenny Jenks, City of Anna

“A citizen who has a clear responsibility to comply with a duly issued warrant for his or her arrest pending the outcome of a trier of fact, should not be allowed to benefit from public programs that support his or her life style while avoiding living up to his or her responsibilities as a citizen. Those responsibilities include the duty to yield to the authority of a court or a magistrate who, upon having been presented with a set of facts and circumstances, has issued a warrant of arrest for this person making him or her a fugitive. Fugitives should not benefit while in such a status. I, totally, support the intent of this law.” Police Chief G.M. Cox, City of Murphy

“I support the Control Unlawful Fugitive Act. This legislation would restore a valuable law enforcement tool that will help keep our communities safe by disrupting a felony fugitive’s ability to escape justice.” Police Chief B.E Harvey, City of Allen

“I am happy to lend my support to Congressman Johnson's Control Unlawful Fugitive Felons Act. It is only right that fugitive felons be denied government benefits paid for by law abiding citizens. This legislation will very likely give us another advantage in keeping our streets safe.” Police Chief Jimmy L. Spivey, City of Richardson

“I support the introduction of this important legislation. The Control Unlawful Fugitive Felon (CUFF) Act amends the Social Security Act to prohibit an individual who is the subject of an outstanding arrest warrant for a felony or parole violation from receiving Social Security Retirement and Disability benefits, Special World War II benefits, and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payments. Removal of benefits may cause fugitives from justice to resolve their cases.” Police Chief John W. Bruce, City of Frisco

"I thank Sam Johnson for his leadership in being tough on crime. By preventing felons from accessing benefits, his bill will help keep criminals from evading the law - and will ultimately help law enforcement catch these criminals." Terry G. Box, Collin County Sheriff

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