Sam Johnson Introduces Bill to Stop Highway Toll “Double Tax”

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Washington, April 22, 2015 | comments

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Congressman Sam Johnson (TX-03) introduced the No More Tolls for Roads Act, which would repeal federal law that allows for tolling.

“I have been hearing loud and clear from my constituents about their rising frustrations over the rapid expansion of tolls in our area,” said Johnson.   “With the North Texas area set to have the largest toll network in the country, it is clear that tolling has gone overboard.” 

Johnson continued, “The bottom line is that these tolls are a double tax.  Collin County drivers already pay both state and federal gas taxes for roads.  What’s more, Texas is the ONLY ‘donor state’ in the country – meaning Texas’ taxpayers give more to the federal government than they get in return.  That’s why, to save North Texans’ hard-earned dollars, I am introducing the No More Tolls for Roads Act.  My bill puts up a ‘stop sign’ on future tolling by ending the federal government’s tolling authority.  My bill also sends a clear warning to President Obama that I will fight his pro-tolling agenda.  Enough is enough.

“I’m proud to join our state legislators in Collin County who are leading this effort in Austin, and I look forward to working with our transportation leaders.  My constituents deserve responsible solutions that respect their pocketbooks and also effectively meet the transportation needs of Collin County.”

North Texas state legislators have rallied behind Congressman Sam Johnson’s No More Tolls for Roads Act:

"Hardworking taxpayers expect and deserve our elected leaders - at all levels of government - to stand up and push back against the rush to build new toll roads and to toll existing roads.  I laud Congressman Johnson for stepping up with a bold, common-sense plan that is responsive to the concerns of our commuters and taxpayers." State Rep. Jeff Leach (House District 67)

"I am excited to work with Congressman Johnson to provide relief for our constituents from excessive tolling." State Rep. Matt Shaheen (House District 66)

"The people of Senate District 8 have spoken loud and clear and they are fed up with the excessive tolling that engulfs our communities.  While I will continue to fight vigorously in the Texas Senate to not only stop the construction of new toll roads, but to also begin the conversion of current toll roads into free lanes, I am excited to learn Congressman Johnson has taken this fight to the federal government. The Collin County legislative delegation stands united against the proliferation of tolling in our area." State Senator Van Taylor (District 4)

By way of background, at the federal level there is currently a general prohibition on tolls, with two major exceptions to the general prohibition.  One exception allows tolls for new highways and/or new lanes on existing highways (Section 129 General Tolling Program).  The other exception provides for tolls on HOV-converted HOT lanes (Section 166 HOV/HOT Lanes program).  In addition, there are two pilot programs that allow for tolling.  The “No More Tolls for Roads Act” repeals both Section 129 and Section 166 to effectively put an end to all federal tolling authority.

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