Congressman Sam Johnson Fights Executive Amnesty

Introduces "No Social Security Numbers and Benefits for Illegal Aliens Act"

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Washington, December 1, 2014 | comments
Washington, D.C.  Today, U.S. Congressman Sam Johnson (TX-03) introduced the No Social Security Numbers & Benefits for Illegal Aliens Act.  This bill addresses a specific part of the President’s November 21st executive order that allows some illegal immigrants to receive work permits that would then enable them to get Social Security numbers and government benefits.

“Immigration is one of the biggest issues facing America – and Texas – right now,” said Johnson.  But instead of securing America’s borders and enforcing our immigration laws, on November 21st President Obama granted amnesty to even more illegal immigrants – millions more.  What the President is doing is illegal, and to make matters worse, these same illegal immigrants may now also be eligible for government benefits – benefits paid for by hardworking American taxpayers.  That’s just wrong!” 

“The President’s executive actions are unfair to the American people – both those who were born here and those who immigrated legally,” Johnson continued.  “He is ignoring the American people, our Constitution, and our way of government.  That is why, as Chairman of the Ways and Means Social Security Subcommittee, I am introducing the No Social Security Numbers & Benefits for Illegal Aliens Act.”

Specifically in response to President Obama’s executive action, the Johnson bill would: 
  • Prevent Social Security numbers from being issued by the SSA to those made eligible for Social Security numbers by the executive action.
  • Prevent Social Security benefit eligibility for those made eligible for benefits by the executive action.
  • Deny credit towards earning Social Security benefits during periods when an individual was not authorized to work. 


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