ICYMI: IRS Chief: I would rather keep my health plan than have ObamaCare

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Washington, August 1, 2013 | comments

U.S. Congressman Sam Johnson (R-TX) questions IRS Chief Daniel Werfel on the National Treasury Employees Union’s (NTEU) - which represents IRS employees who targeted Americans based on their beliefs and will soon be responsible for implementing and enforcing key parts of the health care law - opposition to ObamaCare’s exchange-based health insurance.


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Congressman Johnson:  Mr. Werfel, last week, your employees who are a member of the NTEU sent a form letter for union members to send in to ask that they be exempt from the exchanges.  Why are your employees trying to exempt themselves from the very law they are tasked with enforcing?

Mr. Werfel: I can speak for myself – I prefer to stay with the current policy that I’m pleased with, rather than go through a change...

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