Congressman Johnson warns his colleagues to stop ignoring the American people, or else

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Washington, January 20, 2010 | Jamie Corley (2022554201) | comments

Congressman Sam Johnson (3rd Dist.—Texas) took to the House floor today to warn his colleagues that they should think twice about ignoring the American people.

The White House and senior Democrat leaders have vowed to stop at nothing to get a healthcare reform bill to President Obama as soon as possible, despite the fact that the majority of Americans are against it.  Recent polls show that 60% of Americans believe the Democrats’ healthcare plan will lead to higher costs and 52% believe the legislation will lead to a decline in the quality of care.

“People are desperately trying to tell Congress that they do not want the government messing with their healthcare.  It’s plain and simple.  What I don’t understand is why the Democrats continue to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to the people’s message.  There have been times when constituents have literally stood outside Congressional offices protesting against this government takeover.  How can one miss that?” stated Johnson. 

Some speculate that more moderate Democrats have been given a wake-up call after the Senate race in Massachusetts.  House Democrats are sure to take one more vote on this debate, whether on a reconciled House-Senate bill or on the Senate bill verbatim. 
“This is the true test.  There are some Members here who just can’t vote yes again and expect to win in November.  So they have a choice: listen to a few high-powered elites or listen to the people who elected them to office,” stated Johnson, a Republican who proposed an amendment that would require anyone who voted for the bill to enroll in the plan.  It failed in committee by a vote of 18-21.

Johnson represents portions of Dallas and Collin Counties. 

To watch Johnson’s floor statement, visit his official You Tube Channel

Remarks delivered on the House floor:
“Many of my colleagues in the house are ignoring the American people. 

“Our constituents are  holding rallies, posting blogs, talking with their neighbors, and writing to their congressmen to do everything in their power to get them to listen. 

“The American people are telling us loud and clear: they don’t want a government takeover of healthcare.  Listen to them!  Massachusetts did.

“Americans want, need and deserve better then a budget-busting trillion-dollar healthcare bill when 10% of Americans are still unemployed. 

“They’re tired of sweetheart deals, secret meetings and dirty politics. 

“There is still time to do what’s right; to do what the people are asking us to do. 

“Vote against Pelosi’s Washington takeover of healthcare.”


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