The 3rd District is home to many veterans who have sacrificed much on behalf of our country, and the freedom we all enjoy is a result of their courage and commitment.

As an Air Force veteran who served for 29 years, fought in two wars, and spent nearly seven years as a POW in the infamous Hanoi Hilton, I have proudly and strongly supported veterans since I was first elected to serve as a U.S. House Representative. I am pleased to continue my support of our troops and veterans through funding, assistance, and awareness.

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To learn about my efforts in Congress on behalf of our brave servicemen and women, please visit my “Veterans” and “National Security” pages on my website.


My staff and I are able to help with constituent casework on relevant issues such as veterans’ assistance. If you are a veteran living in the 3rd District of Texas and need assistance, please visit my Constituent Casework page for more information and to make a request.

You can also refer to my Veterans section on my Frequently Asked Questions and Helpful Links page.


Below is a list of helpful veterans’ resources.

National Veteran Resources

  1. Veterans Affairs
  2. Waco Regional Office
  3. Houston Regional Office
  4. E-Benefits – This is a convenient online resource that veterans can use to apply for benefits, download forms, and view their benefits status.   

Texas Veteran Resources

  1. Texas Veterans Commission (TVC)
  2. Texas Veterans Portal
  3. Texas Workforce Commission

Collin County Veteran Resources

  1. Collin County Veterans Service Office

Veteran Organizations

  1. Veterans of Foreign Wars
  2. Disabled American Veterans
  3. American Legion
  4. Vietnam Veterans of America
  5. Military Order of the Purple Heart
  6. VetFriends

Health Care for our Veterans


How You can Help Our Veterans

  1. United Service Organizations (USO)
  2. Veterans Affairs (VA) Volunteer Services


North Texas is home to fine Americans and exceptional veterans. To honor our community’s brave veterans’ service and sacrifice, I am proud to host the annual Congressional Veteran Commendation (CVC) for the Third District of Texas. This nominations-based program is designed to publicly recognize the wartime sacrifices and peacetime community involvement of veterans. The CVC also works to preserve these veterans’ stories for future generations of Americans. 

To learn more about this program, visit my Congressional Veteran Commendation Program (CVC) page.


For information about Frequently Asked Questions regarding veterans issues, please visit the FAQ page on my website HERE.