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Sam Johnson: U.S. Congressman, Third District of Texas

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Recent Terrorist Trade

As a former Prisoner of War,  I felt a sense of duty to speak out against the recent terrorist-trade because this news impacts every single American.  I sent an open letter to all of my colleagues in Congress.  I invite you to read it as well. 

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  • A group of USAFA Liaison Officers and cadet at the 2012 U.S. Service Academy Forum. From left to right: Cadet First Class Haley Wilson; Major Tom Plunkett; Col. Lisa McNeme, Congressman Sam Johnson; Major Kristen Fair; Col. Joe Cordina; Col. John Visser

  • McKinney's Boy Scout Troop 531's Court of Honor

  • The ground breaking ceremony for Capitol One's new Auto Finance Division in Plano.

  • Frisco is in good hands with this team of awesome first responders.

  • On Memorial Day, I was honored to present Cody Morton with his Purple Heart medal for his service in Afghanistan.

  • Boy Scouts and Civil Air Patrol greeted attendees with American flags at the Frisco Flag Day celebration at the Frisco Heritage Museum.

  • I donated a POW bracelet with my name on it to the Frisco Heritage Museum's Military History Exhibit.

  • The winners of this year's Congressional Art Competition.

  • Congratulations to the 2012 graduates of North Texas Job Corps.

  • I joined the Thomas Elementary Texans in a great patriotic ceremony in honor of National Anthem Day.

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  • U.S. Congressman Sam Johnson (R-TX) delivered the following remarks in support of H.R. 4935, the Child Tax Credit Improvement Act of 2014. H.R. 4935 includes Johnson’s commonsense measure to require a Social Security number when claiming the $1,000 refundable child tax credit.

  • During a Ways and Means Health Subcommittee hearing, Congressman Sam Johnson (R-TX) questioned the witnesses on the impact of ObamaCare’s $716 billion raid on Medicare, particularly the $300 billion cut to the Medicare Advantage (MA) program. MA is chosen by 30 percent of all seniors, especially low-income and minority seniors and those with chronic health conditions. Johnson represents a majority of Texas’ Collin County where over 24 percent of Medicare beneficiaries have opted out of traditional fee-for-service Medicare and enrolled in an MA plan.

  • U.S. Congressman Sam Johnson delivered the following speech on the U.S. House of Representatives floor to talk about his recent visit to Texas' southern border in the Rio Grande Valley sector. Johnson comments on how he never expected to see what he saw - a real man-made crisis.

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  • U.S. Congressman Sam Johnson (R-TX) delivers a speech on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives in response to the thousands and thousands of unaccompanied children attempting to illegally cross into the U.S. Johnson notes the surge in migration is a direct response to President Obama's failed immigration policy. Read more here:

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